Please complete the entry form below and click the submit button.  We are asking that you please take a moment to complete the following survey.  This information will be used in an effort to address player concerns and changes that would improve the game of senior softball in all age divisions.



2. Once home run limits are reached additional home runs should count A) as an out; B) As a walk and go one up; C) Other:

3. For tournament play teams should be allowed to pick up 3 players of the same age & classification: A) Yes; B) No:

4. Pitching height preference A) Six to 10 Feet; B) Six to 12 feet:

5. The use of a pitching screen when agreed upon by both competing teams A) Yes; B) No:

6. Agree with the bordering state rule A) Yes; B) No:

7. Time Limits A) Pool play games one hour finish & play 1 more inning. Double elimination games 45 minuts. B) All games 45 minutes, finish & play 1 more inning. C) Other:

8. List any rule changes or additions you would recommend.:



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